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Free Matchbox playset w/ qualifying purchase at Toys R Us exp 10-27-07


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awesome deal I also used this coupon code from mcdonalds for another $5 off not sure if it was one time use or not, 87DDQBSRGJ35XXYZ

Here is another one I did not use for $1 off 47W487YTWYYZWW3T


For some reason when I used the $5 off I only actually got a few dollars off of the total order, they added $1.76 to the free item?!?! but it was still a awesome deal.


I ordered item numbers 69364, 217878, 357690, 234090 for $35.94 shipped. I picked everything that also had free shipping too LOL



I didn't try the google check out because it did not mention getting an extra $10 off so I was going to save that for another deal LOL

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