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Toysrus.com Free Shipping until 9/29


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Toys R Us online is now running free shipping, only until Saturday, 9/29. This is a great deal as they also have quite a lot of buy 2, get 1 free toys including Barbie, Polly Pocket, Just like Home, Leap Frog and a lot more. I was about to place an order a few days ago for an item I couldn't find in the store but the shipping was outrageous. This deal made it worth my while..:yup:
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I thought this was free ship sitewide (it's only on certain toy brands) so I was browsing the clearance. Saw very few super deals, but there are some. No free ship on those, though. But, there are about 6 halloween costumes, 7.00 & under, pumpkins, superman, green power ranger, eyeore...no free ship though, so that would probably kill the deal
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I just got an email that TRU.com is having the free shipping again. There is also $10 of when you spend $30 and use Bill me Later.

I used bill me later and bought this game that I think looks SO cute! I have a neice that is 8 and she is going to LOVE it:


Monopoly: Boutique Edition Board Game


List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $20.99




Then I got my youngest dd a pink doodle pro (normally $14.99 - on sale for $9.99)...


Both qualified for free shipping - I spent $33.XX. Plus, I used bill me later and will get the $10 back on my next statement!

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