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Amazon TOY Deals Leapster TV System $19.99 Diego's Talking Center $9.99 + MORE


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We had the Cars mountain thing last Christmas. I got it to work maybe twice. It was so very frustrating. We ended up taking it back to Toys R US. It would only work on a table and that is after working with it. I would never, ever get it again. I don't wish that frustration on anyone. However, once it did work, it was a neat toy! It isn't that the pieces don't fit or it is hard to put together, but you have to have the right distribution of weight to get the car to go around the mountain and work properly. That is why it is so frustrating. I think it did include a car, though, dirt track McQueen.
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I bought the leapster thing for my son. He will be four 2 days before xmas so I thought this would make a nice bday present. And then I can get him some games for xmas. I had 15.00 in gc so I bought a caillou dvd and paid 11 bucks for everything! I know it got bad reviews, but I think its because the parents think its goin to be this great fab thing like an xbox 360 and its really simple and easy. Which, when its meant for four year olds isnt suppossed to be like all digital and animated. Just simple and easy for them to learn on. Which is why I bought it.
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