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Kohls purchased yesterday but cheaper today

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I went to Kohls and bought a boat load of stuff...I spent several hundreds...today some of the items I purchased are on sale for $8.99...I paid $10.80 yesterday. Has anyone ever taken thier reciept back and gotten a refund for the difference? Can I even do that? I thought I remember hearing a long time ago that if something goes on sale for a cheaper price within 7 days they will refund the difference.
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I wish I could get my husband moving..If I had gotten there before 1 when the sale ended I could have done that. Now they are back up to the price I paid.

I did however buy a bunch of stuff on line and I had my 15% off MVC coupon for one time on line, so I wasn't totally out. Now I just hope they send me everything I ordered.

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