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Christmas Mishaps.... Spill your beans !!!!!


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I have 2: one that I did and one my mom did! ;)



My mom and I both love eggnog and usually each enjoy a small glass of it every few evenings as Christmas approaches... Occasionally, one of us will sprinkle cinnamon on top, just to make it "pretty" (Mom keeps a cute little shaker of cinnamon out just for things like that). Well, one night about 3 yrs ago, I had fixed each of us a glass and didn't even notice that the cinnamon I sprinkled on top looked strange... But as soon as I smelled and tasted it, I knew what I'd done-- when I reached for the cinnamon shaker, I accidentally grabbed the garlic powder shaker instead! :( Ewwwwwww:yuck: :yuck: -- talk about a hard taste to get out of your mouth!! :razz: :razz: LOL To this day, Mom teases me about it! ;)



I was in South Korea (military) when this happened (about 10 yrs ago), so this was all told to me later... Mom had been fighting a cold for a few days, and the day that everyone was coming over for a big dinner is (of course) when it got worse! My uncle fixed her a small mixed drink, trying to help. But what no one else knew was: not long before that, she'd taken some cough syrup, apparently something with alcohol in it! :eyepoppin


Still, things were moving pretty smoothly in preparing the meal, except my mom was in an unusually cranky, irritable mood... until, one by one, people started smelling something odd, like something was burning! :confused: Mom didn't smell it, due to her cold, but finally someone braved opening the oven...........


SMOKE went EVERYWHERE!!:shock: Mom had burnt the stuffing-- not just scorched on top, but burnt through and through (and my mom's always been a good cook)... That's when she spoke words that have lived in infamy (in our family at least! LOL) ever since: "I don't know what happened! I turned it DOWN to 400!!" :cheesy:


Slowly, everyone started piecing together what had happened. By then, Mom was getting really weepy and starting to upset the little ones, so Dad quietly walked Mom to the bedroom and calmly suggested she lay down and rest for a little while, so she could get to feeling better. She wasn't at all happy about the idea, but finally conceded it was the best idea at the time...


And to top it all off, shortly after that, I called from Korea to talk to Mom-- and NO ONE told me about ANY of this until months later! I had no idea my mom had been "sent to her room" (that's what she says it was- lol)! :eek::no:


And 10 yrs later, she STILL gets teased about "turning it down to 400!" :tongue1::D

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One Christmas Eve we were all sitting around playing Catch Phrase...my family loves this game...it is my turn and I am giving everyone the clues...."an appetizer, small bite size food you eat before a meal, etc, etc...." Everyone is hollaring out their guesses as to what word I am looking for....and several times they said hors d'ouevres(sp?).....well I'm hearing Orderves....and I'm thinking in my head...good guess...but the word is Hors D'ouevres... I guess up to that point in my life I had never learned how to spell Hors D'ouevres, so when I saw the correct spelling (which I might add I had seen many times during my life) I just pronouced it to myself the way it looks phonetically...so to me I'm thinking they should be saying "Hors Devoures". Well the timer ran out on my turn because no body could guess it right and to this day I have not lived this down...that was probably over 10 years ago.... (and I can't believe I'm sharing such a blonde moment)...:rotflol:
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