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Vera Bradley Outlet Sale-Charlotte / Atlanta


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Thanks to you all who replied after I asked about Saturdays and what was available.....


I did go on Saturday. Arrived about 9 am, which is when it opened. There was a loooooong line of ladies, but it moved steadily and I got in pretty quickly. Wow, there was so much stuff!!! I don't know how they have this much left over, but they were steadily restocking. Pattern availability was limited, but there were great deals to be had. I added up my price tags as opposed to what I paid and the tags added up to $423.00. I paid $95.00 for all of it!!!


It's definitely worth the time to go and it was so much fun to see.


I did have to wait in the checkout line for a long time - one hour and 40 minutes. But, even that was fun because we all talked and got to know one another and discussed how far we drove, our obsession with Vera, etc.


If you get a chance next year and you love Vera, GO!

I hope they bring the sale back to Atlanta.

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