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Gymboree Sale and Annual Gymbucks


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For Every $50 you spend at Gymboree from Now Until Sep 30th 2007, you will get a $25 gymbucks coupon that can be used from Oct 4th- 14th.


To use Gymbucks you must have a minumum purchase of $50 and gymbucks can be combined.


(I just oredered $150 worth of clothes so I got $75 in gymbucks minimum purchase is only $50 so im going to get $75 for FREE).. The way I look at it I spent $150 but im getting $75 of it back so im only spending half and getting very cute Fall clothes and a good discount!!


They do have really cute stuff in the discounts section too!!



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from gymboree


Redeeming Gymbucks: October 4, 2007 (12:00 AM ET) - October 14, 2007 (11:59 PM ET)

Retail Stores and gymboree.com: You can redeem $25 off a $50 merchandise purchase* during the redemption period. Original receipt or web invoice from qualifying purchase must be attached to the Gymbucks in order to redeem in-store.


To qualify for Gymbucks during issuance and redemption, purchase must exceed $50 before tax, donations and shipping fees and after Gymboree Visa® discount, enrollment bonus and other discounts or promotions (to be determined by Gymboree). Gymboree shall determine the order of applying discounts and enrollment bonus in its sole discretion. Qualifying purchase must be made in one transaction. Transactions may not be combined to meet $50 thresholds.


oh well i dont understand this fine print but if i have to spend 75 to get 75 free thats ok too!! MOre for my kids LOL!! t

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Yes if you want to use all of your gymbucks($75) your total must be at least $150 then you will only end up paying $75 out of pocket! It is a realy good deal.


Also they are supposed to have a sale starting Thursday... 20% off markdowns plus you earn gymbucks. This is a great deal. I will be buying! I love Gymbo clothes

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I so wish I had one, but unfortunately they are hard to come by. There are 20% off coupons for sale on ebay, but they are going for quite a bit. Apparently people have found them in Plum magazine-this magazines website sells the issue they are in for 7.95 plus 4.99 in shipping. I guess you have to decide how much you plan to spend to see if it is worth it:g_think: !
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