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How many gifts does Santa bring?

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#31 happysunshine28  OFFLINE  



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Posted Sep 3, 2007 - 7:36 am

Santa alway got credit in my house for everything til the kids got older.

#32 Kaarak  OFFLINE  



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Posted Sep 3, 2007 - 1:28 pm

I don't have kids yet, just a niece to spoil! I normally just set a limit to spend and then when I hit that limit thats the number of gifts there are.

#33 msdarkness  OFFLINE  



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Posted Sep 4, 2007 - 8:13 am

Santa used to bring 3-4 when DD & DS were younger but this year he is going to bring one big gift since what we are getting them is going to be so expensive

#34 berry1014  OFFLINE  



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Posted Sep 4, 2007 - 8:37 am

it varies year to year.

#35 Christy Garner  OFFLINE  

Christy Garner

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Posted Sep 4, 2007 - 9:01 am

It is wonderful to see so many Santa traditions. In my house, the presents that are wrapped and under the tree are from mom and dad - I have two boys and they both get a pair of pajamas, an ornament, socks and underwear, and outfit, and a movie. That is from mom and dad and they open it Christmas Eve night. Santa brings other items that are not wrapped and are under the tree Christmas morning. Actually, they are in a pile beside the tree - a pile for each child. I am not sure how many presents that each get as it varies from year to year, all I can say is that they have the same amount. Each has a big item and several little things. For instance, last year, DS11 got a psp, psp accessories, 3 psp movies, 2 psp games, the large ROBOSapien, 3 or 4 PS2 games and a bunch of other stuff. DS7 got a tv, ps, psp accessories, 3 psp movies, 2 psp games, and 3 or 4 PS2 games and a bunch of other stuff. In any case, they always get the same amount. I think last year Santa presents were about 400 a child and then mom and dad presents were about 100 a child. I know, I spend WAY TOO Much but I love to spoil them at this time. To top it all off, they go to my moms house for christmas too as SANTA comes to her house as well.

#36 shawna queen  OFFLINE  

shawna queen


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Posted Sep 4, 2007 - 9:08 am

We have the best gift from santa unwrapped under the tree so the kids see it first when they come downstairs, santa does not have room to bring more for each child or other children would not get any. The rest are from mom and dad. This works great for us, we have 6 kids and they just dont need to have so much they dont appreciate, just a few things they really like.

#37 mollymoo  OFFLINE  



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Posted Sep 4, 2007 - 9:30 am

Last year we started a new tradition. The kids get 4 gifts each, and each represent something. They get something to wear, something to eat, something to read and something to play with. Then the family gets one big present that we all decide on. My kids are 8,7 and 3 now. Its cute even now when they are at the store with me and they are trying to figure out what one gift Santa is going to give to them.

#38 Jordan34  OFFLINE  



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Posted Sep 12, 2007 - 8:37 pm

I too give the kids way too many gifts, Santa usually gives 12 as for the 12 days of Christmas. Then, they get 3 more gifts from there siblings and Mom & Dad (combined). So, a total of 15 gifts each per child. My kids are 9, 7, and 6. Since, they are getting older - I know soon I'll be cutting back.

#39 Amber76  OFFLINE  



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Posted Sep 13, 2007 - 8:30 am

Growing up Sanata gave us each 3 and then the rest were from my parents. Now that I have a DD I plan to do the same. Santa also filled our stockings and we would open one present a day from our stocking between Christmas and New Years.

#40 ted_bounty  OFFLINE  



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Posted Sep 14, 2007 - 12:17 am

1 quality gift or 10 smaller gifts:smirk:

#41 cotinkandy1  OFFLINE  



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Posted Sep 17, 2007 - 8:28 am

My DH says I go WAY OVER BOARD!!!! I have 6 children the 2 little ones get the most about 15. The older ones gifts cost so much more so They get about 8-10. And of course lots of little stocking stuffers!! My parents go way over board.....they spoil all there grandchildren ("I guess they still like playing Santa") Probably about 10-15 more gifts a piece.

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