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wanted Red sox, patriots stuff

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Looking for stickers or anything pertaining to the Boston red Sox or new England patriots that could be used to decorate a boys room. one wants the patrots and the other wants his room to be red sox.Or even website where I might find this stuff resonable.



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My DS is really into the patriots too. His birthday is tomorrow, so i've been

looking around online trying to get stuff reasonably priced. But I"m also

cheap, so thats hard to come by. LOL





Also, try Amazon and ebay.


If either one of them has a jersey, make/buy a shadow box and put the jersey in that.

Get a plain wooden shelf and put balls, pictures, and signs on it. (or maybe a stuffed

animal with a little team shirt on it. (just some ideas)

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Guest shawna6676
last time I was at lowes, they had ceiling fans with team logos on them...but if u r cheap like me, u could buy a cheap fan and decoupage it!!! u can do the light switches like that too
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