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What is the Black Friday "Main" site?


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Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com has two primary sections - the actual main Black Friday site (http://blackfriday.gottadeal.com) and these Black Friday forums.


The forums are the place for continuous 24/7 discussion of all things Black Friday. The actual scanned ads are posted on the forum only, so by having a forum account you will have access to those when they become available.


The main Black Friday site contains the database of sale items. You can browse through the lists of individual ad items, search for a specific item, or filter out items that have rebates or are "early bird" specials. You can also create your personalized shopping list, sign up to be notified when new ads are posted, and much more. The main site is also where we will show which items are available online.


Keep in mind that for many ads, we will only have the listings of ad items first, and may not get the scanned ad until later, so for those stores, you'll want to check the main site to get all the information.


If you have any questions about the two parts of the site, please reply to this thread :)


Please keep all replies directly related to this topic. Off-topic replies will be deleted.

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