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What does a "good" thread look like?


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When posting a new thread here on the GottaDeal forums, here are some recommendations:


1. Search before posting - before typing your post, first search to make sure a similar thread has not been posted by another member.


2. Include a descriptive thread title - this applies to all forums - if you are posting a deal at an online store, include the item, the sale price, the store name, if the deal involves a rebate, if it has free shipping, etc. The more information, the better. If you are posting a thread in the Black Friday forums, be very specific. A title like "question about walmart" is not a good title. A title like "Does Wal-mart have early bird specials on BF?" is a better title. DO NOT use vague titles to "trick" people into reading your post.


3. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes - obviously the fewer spelling and grammar mistakes in your post, the easier it will be for others to understand it and they'll be more likely to reply.


4. DO NOT USE ALL CAPS OR BOLD WHEN TYPING YOUR THREAD - using all caps is considered shouting and is generally not appreciated on forums like this one.


5. If applicable, use a post icon appropriate for your thread - if you're thread is asking a question, use the question mark, if you have an idea, use the light bulb. Certain forums have post icons espeically for those forums - use them in the same way if needed.


6. DO NOT directly copy and paste deals from other forums - you may "borrow" the deal, but type up the title and post in your own words.


If you have any questions about these ideas, or can offer your own suggestions, feel free to reply to this thread :)

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