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Need present for 1-2yr. old

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Hello. I am looking for a present for a 1 yr. old. Actually I need three. Three presents for three babies. Two boys and one girl. I don't really care about price. I'd go up to like $100 I guess. Or it can be lower. Whatever. I never bought for babies before. I just want them to be really really cool toys or something. Any ideas?


~ Michael

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Are they walking yet?


I like the Vtech toys--they have a large variety of ages and are cool toys, but honestly, kids at that age like wooden spoon and pots and pans and stuff--hey maybe a toddler drum set? I love buying for that age--there are also Little People sets and duplo building blocks--you can't go wrong with either of those!!

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My daughter just turned two and we have play dates over here a lot.


If you want to get a group gift they can all play with a Little Tykes or Step Two Play House or Kitchen (some Targets had the Bistro kitchen for $27 on clearance last week) would be great "wow" gifts. The buggie cars are popular, too, but are usually about $40 each.


Any ride on toys are cool and will receive a lot of use.


A popular toy for the boys to share are the "Shake and Go" Cars (from the movie) and there is a two car race track that goes with it. Train tables are also big "wow" gifts (they had some marked down from $80 to $20 at my Target last week, but are gone now.)


My daughter's favorite past time for the past year has been reading. So, the Little Touch Leap Pad is a good gift, too. A Little People Doll House or Fisher Price My First Doll House (Some Kmarts have these marked down for about $7! At mine, there was not a clearance sticker, I had to scan it) are great toys, too. The Noah's Ark is neat, too.


Popular characters are Elmo (both sexes) and Thomas the Tank Engine (boys).


Hope this helps!

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