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Good prices for Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7?

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Hey everyone I was hoping that someone could find even better prices on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7 camera than I have. I don't care if it's an online store or B&M (as long as they are fairly reputable). The best prices I found were $167.88 at Amazon.com and $167.99 at CircuitCity.com. I never got around to buying one last BF since my trip to Europe isn't until this September. So I figured prices may drop or better cameras would come out.


So based on some research this looks like the camera to buy. Jeninpa - thanks for your recommendations on the Lumix LZ series in other threads - your pics are awesome! (this camera just seems to be the newer version of the one you have the LZ2 -- correct me if I'm wrong here). Also there are some great reviews on Amazon.com and CircuitCity.com as well as some other camera review sites.


I had originally been interested in the Canon a540 - but once I had it in hand didn't care for it...so I still need to make it to the store to look at this one, but I haven't really seen any major complaints on the size & feel of this camera.


So if anyone has any other ideas on where to buy please post away! TIA :)

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Marcster - thanks for the suggestions. Seems everyone is running around the same pricing. The reviews on Newegg are really good too, can't seem to really find any bad reviews on this camera.


I saw a few on eBay. I'm wondering if it would be worth it to save a few bucks and buy off there, or if I would just be causing myself a headache...the only electronic i have bought off there is my 2 dvd players and they were from the company that made the dvd's outlet or something...not seeing anything like that for the cameras.

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I personally would not buy electronics off of ebay. Too much risk.

If you buy from Amazon.com, and the price goes down say within 30 days, they will issue you a credit for the difference.


Electronics Expo has it for $154.88.

Shipping is $9.00

$163.88 total.



You can order this from Electronics Expo through Amazon.com but I am not sure if shipping and tax is the same.

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