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Good Hotels around Stockton/Sacramento?

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We are traveling down to Disneyland from Oregon next week but I don't know much about the hotels in Sacramento or Stockton. I would like to not spend alot of money for only a 1 night stay. I was thinking around $100.


Can anyone give me their input?



Thanks!!!!!! :cheesy:

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I am going to Univeral Studios,CA In August and want to stay in Santa Monica. Can anyone help me with a decent priced hotel within walking distance to the Ocean? I have been searching online but can only find hotels for $300 and up. Is that just the going rate?
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Check out the Embassy Suites in Sacramento. There may be one in/near Santa Monica too.


It's around $139 per night, but it includes a complimentary cooked to order breakfast and a complimentary nightly manager's reception. They're all 2 room suites that include a refrigerator, 2 TV's, etc. I've not stayed at this particular one, but have stayed at several throughout the country. As a matter of fact, when I went to Disneyland, I stayed at the one in Anaheim.

They are really nice hotels.

Plus if you are a AAA or AARP member, or in the Military, there's an additional discount.

Good luck!!

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Those sites might give you a slightly cheaper hotel deal than going directly through the hotel companies themselves. And, just to remind you in case you're not in Sacramento for friends/family or whatnot, Disneyland is in Anaheim which is about a six hour drive from there. You can stay in a nice place a lil' closer for about $100 a night.

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