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Princess Theme Beds!!! HELP!

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Cinderella Carriage Bed



this bed is $499 from rooms to go--they have a Disney Princess' collection



This bed is $599, and I think it's extremely cute LOL She wouldn't need a playhouse in her room with this!!



Castle Playhouse Loft Bed



Crap=--I can't make the images show up, but they are really cute!! LOL

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the princess carriage bed is a daybed i got a daybed for my dd when she was 3, i just put pillows around her or a gate for the bed. if the room is small i think this one is good and it's only $599. Cinderella Carriage Bed



if you click on kids rooms then princess they have beds with regular head boards and foot boards with princess stuff. maybe thats what your looking for?



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The loft bed pictured isn't all that high and the perk to it is in a small room you can out a toy box and toys under it for more play and storage room. It has a gate built around it so they don't fall out. My daughter has had one since she was 5 and never fell out. That one with the slide is low enough you can still tuck them in and give them a kiss without climbing up. Good use of space in a small room
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Guest shawna6676
what about getting a plain bed with a smallhead and footboard and buying the decals that you put on walls and just putting them on the footboard?? you could also buy a stamp with a crown or the word princess or something like that to trim it out and stamp some designs on it using acrylic paint...i did that with my little boys curtains...he liked blues clues and i found some light blue material for 1$ a yard and got a pawprint stamp and used dark blue acrylic paint to stamp the fabric with...found cheap blue lace for trim that wasnt girly and got it in remnants cheap...was a perfect match with the pawprint colors...they looked really cute!!!
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My nephew has had a loft bed since he was 5 and has never fallen out of it--and if someone was going to figure out how to fall out, he would :-)

It does free up a lot of floor space in his room, as an added bonus.


Personally, I'd get a white headboard/footboard and add the decals or fabric panels as someone suggested. It makes it a lot easier to change things when they grow out of the "princess" stage. I saw some great "party scene" wall art at our local party store, and they inexpensive. If DD was still doing Pooh, I would have bought a set. (She has had the same furniture since she was a baby, I just change the bedding to match her mood. She just turned 13, and it's "beachy" right now.)


Good Luck!

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