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Get the most from your free Castrol/Syntec downloads

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For those of you who have some free music wins from the Castrol/Syntec IWG, here is a way to get the most from the credits. If you are into Ambient music (GREAT to sleep to:yup: ) there are some Brian Eno tracks that are VERY long. I got a total of 170 minutes, 44 seconds worth of music for just 4 credits. That is nearly 3 hours!!


Neroli 57:56

Thursday Afternoon (the second one) 50:00

The Drop-Iced World 32:53

Discreet Music 30:35


Of course, you have to like Ambient music.


I have downloaded the above 4 songs, so I know it works and it only took 4 credits from my total.


If you are interested in knowing more than I have posted, PM me.

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Great suggestion. I have 21 credits that I haven't used....they are just sitting there! Would these be good to play for my 10 month old at night?

I don't know why not...it is just music...nice, quiet, calm, peaceful music.

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