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I don't know about web sites, but my daughter buys all of hers at Rugged Wearhouse. They range from $1.99-$12.99 depending on manufacturer. I've discovered with her that she HAS to try them on and then put them on top of her head. I've handed her 100's of pairs of sunglasses and they just don't fit right according to her, so I would be extremely leery of buying from a web site unless she's tried them on in person first and then we look for that exact pair at a site like Pricegrabber. I can't wear non prescription sunglasses, so I just buy them for her (she wears contacts)
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I'm in Bellefontaine. The closest Meijers to me in Dublin. I will definately have to check to see it they're having that same sale. I was there last night, but sunglasses were only 30% off. They did have lots of cute ones, but I had bought several pairs earlier in the evening so 30% wasn't enough to justify it. However, 70% off is!! :) As far as I'm concerned, sunglasses are like jewelry...you can never have enough!! :D Thanks for the heads up.


I've never heard of Rugged Warehouse. I'll have to do some research on that and see if there are any around here.



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