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OFFICE DEPOT Clearance.. some items from Christmas sale even cheaper, + MUCH MORE!


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Some codes:


Description Code Expiration



$30 off $150 20570384 06/04/2007


Free 3-pc. luggage set w/$100+ delivery order 39484637 06/18/2007


$20 off $75.

Note: Excludes tech items. 92469086 06/23/2007


Free Bluetooth headset w/$100+ delivery order 53643585 07/01/2007


Free MP3 pen w/$150+ delivery order 57112681 07/01/2007


Free Bluetooth headset w/$100+ 33853576 07/01/2007


Free MP3 Player Pen w/$150+ 57112681 07/01/2007


Free coffee maker w/$100+ delivery order 66429145 07/02/2007


Free desktop shredder w/$100+ delivery order.

Note: Colors may vary. 38626578 07/02/2007


Free Bluetooth headset & MP3 Player Pen w/$240+ 66618347 07/31/2007


Free shipping on $50 N/A None

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Page updated yesterday, all little things are gone, the cd players, mp3 & mp4 players, crossword mugs and such. I LOVE these deals when they have them. I buy teachers gifts and extended family gifts. amyers 12345 ~ Thanks so much for the heads up on these.
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Has anyone else received the DVD Home Theater System yet? Ours just arrived, the outer box was banged up, the product wasn't in the original box, no packing slip, and the DVD player is broken, the little door where you slide the DVD in is missing. I expected better from a nationwide chain like Office Depot. There was no indication when I ordered that this was a return, or an open box item.
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My experience with them is that if you call, they will make it up to you. Last go-round of these deals, they would bend over backwards almost to make you happy. Let us know your experience, please.


Gotta say, all of the items I purchased were new. The packaging wasn't real great, but all items came in great shape. I'm surprised at what happened to you and would venture a guess that it is a fluke. Hope it all works out for you.

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Well I got 20 of the 99 cent organizers for Christmas gifts/stocking stuffers for adults.

2 of the DVD/speaker combos

1 of the crossword puzzle set

and 3 of the digital cameras...


after the 20 off 75 deal the total was just over 60 bucks... can't beat that and a bunch of Christmas shopping done.


THANKS to OP and Poster of the coupon codes... you are all the best!!!!!!

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FYI: I got the 100 count drink stix and the flavors are good.

Our house if always full of kids so we go through a lot of juice boxes or sodas. At 12 cents each, I do not care if half gets toss out. The flavors are peach tea, lemondade, raspberry and fruit punch. Wish it were more than 50% off but it works for now. They are sugar-free (I don't think the description says that) and real small but you add them to a 16 oz water bottle so it is a full serving (actually two). We usually have the 20 oz Sams club water and still only use one packet and it's fine. I actually feel better about these than the kool-aid ones because of low sugar.


Ohh, my order at my house was all new items, no broken packages. I haven't seen dvd player yet/shipped to different address.


BUMMER-- I was wondering about the crossword puzzles sets-- they were not available in my two markets (2 different states) Glad you got them though, jbdinos.

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