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TracFone 1 year service - way to get most units?

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I am considering getting my daughter a TracFone for her birthday. I found a deal for 400 minutes (good for a year) and a phone plus 50 extra minutes for $129. Also, all future card purchases are doubled for the life of the service. Does anyone know if there is any way I can get more minutes or find a better deal? I pretended I was going to check out and tried some various codes I have found, but none of them worked. Thanks! :)
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Right now they have a deal on their website for 800 minutes, 1 year of service and double minutes for life for $139.99, but it doesn't include the phone, but there are some pretty good deals on phones right now. If you activate your phone online you get 20 minutes and if you become a tracfone "insider" which is there email list for special deals.
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