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Epson CX6600 @ Staples for $100 after rebates


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Staples.com has the Epson CX6600 All-In-One printer on sale for $200 now, minus $50 manufacturer's rebate, and $50 Staples rebate = $100 after rebates!


Also, the item is available online or in the store and the rebates can be submitted online through stapleseasyrebates.com or you can mail it in.


This is a great deal on an all in one printer that's pretty nice...thought you all might like to know about it since it's not advertised in their circular this week, but I've already got one and I just did the rebates online so it's all good!


Offer is valid from 1/9/05 - 1/15/05

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the link for the rebates on it is this --> http://stapleseasyrebates.com/staples/SkuCode_list.do?itemNumber=573078


you should see 3 rebates for $50 that are valid in this timeframe, 2 of which you can submit, the third is a duplication I believe because when I went to submit them, I tried to claim all 3 but their system only allowed me to submit 2 (offers 04-86396 and 04-26830) for some reason. But at $100 I'm very happy with this deal. ;)


UPDATE: Just called the rebate center and asked them about that third rebate (offer# 04-26820) ...They said it was just a fluke in the system and that I should check the website in a month for them to fix the offer online or mail it in (but I couldn't get that offer to print from their website, so I'm going to wait the month and try it online again), now I should get an extra $50 back in the mail making the possible final printer cost an unbelievable $50!! :2roller::groovin:

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