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good luck. i tried all the hallmarks, hospital gift shops, floweramas, etc, around my city that carry these. i read online that the company that makes these is in canada and they have a rail strike going on and that part of the reason why you are not being able to find these in stock. then you have all these people that have realized that these are collectibles like beanie babies and are buying them up to make profit and screwing the little kids that really want them to play with them. i got lucky and one place down the road got a shipment in the other day so i got one for a birthday party my daughter is going to this weekend. they only got koalas in so that will have to do. the owner there said she has had a ton of people come in wanting to buy all that she had and she is not going to let them take them away from the kids. so good luck in your hunt.
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Which ones are you looking for? About 5 stores in my town just got some the other day. Let me know what you need and I will be happy to look for you. My son has the black and white cat, to match our cat at home. But just this morning he said he wanted another Webkinz, so I planned on making the rounds this weekend. I will be happy to look for you and send you one, or whatever you need, if I find them. Don't pay Ebay prices, there is no need, unless you are looking for a retired one.
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