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My Home Depot had both the Hoover z400 and z700. I picked up the Hoover z700 last night. Thanks amyj0_99 for posting that you could use your Lowe's coupons at Home Depot, I used a $10.00 Lowe's coupon, so my z700 was only $89.00!!!

Hi, what state do you live in, and where did you get the Lowe's coupon.

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Can I ask why everyone thinks the dirt cup is small? I personally don't understand why that would really matter? Just my opinion, but it isn't hard to empty, and I can easily vacuum several days without having to empty it.

It is smaller than the bagless vacumns I have had. I don't find it a problem since I typically empty after every couple of times I vacumn anyway, and I do have a large area to vacumn.

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