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Needed: CHEAP Digital Camera for kid

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After much consideration Santa Claus brought my 3 yo the Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera. It was about $60 and it is the best money he's ever spent, lol. Saydee absolutly loves it. It had very mixed reviews which is why I almost didn't get it but the pics really aren't that bad, some of them are actually pretty good. What really made it worth it's money is that it really is tough. It has been dropped more times than I care to count. It also shuts itself off after so long so you don't have to replace the batteries if they forget to turn it off. We've had it since Christmas, it get's used almost everyday and we haven't had to replace the batteries yet. So, I don't know if you were wanting to spend that much but if you do IMO it's worth it. HTH :)
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I also got my now 4 yr old the FP camera for Christmas. She plays with it constantly. We are taking it to the zoo the next time we go and she is going to make a book. She is so excited about it. Like Jaime said it is great on batteries and can handle being dropped. We have not printed any pictures yet but we will soon.
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