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kmart toy clearence


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today was a lucky day for me i got cars game for $3.60,mater game$2.40,superman figure$1.50,16 r.c wheel remote control car $3.60,telestory$ 3.60,catridge $1.20,matchbox small truck .60 cents,hh px video$ 1.75.all the clearence toys were additional 70% off .
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today i found lulu the letter spinning spider for $1.20 . i don't know the orig price but on amazon.com they are selling it for $19.99.

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Went last night and found this McDonald Bounce House for $149 but didn't want to spend that kind of money. Went back tonight and all clearance was 50% off. They didn't want to give it to me saying it wasn't on clearance. The manager scanned it and said yes it was. Got it for $75!


Now I just need to hide it from my hubby because he thinks I spend too much money :g_shrug:

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I went to Kmart again today and was able to buy a lot on clearance


A Walking Talking stuffed Winnie The Pooh $5.xx (reg $20)

1/15 Scale Remote control F-150 $16 (reg $40)

6 pack of wooden trains that goes w/any wooden train set $3.xx (reg $10)

Large toy boat w/trailer $5.xx (reg $20)

2 Winnie the Pooh hat and glove sets $1.50 ea. (reg $10 ea)

Sweat pants and sweat shirt $2 ea

2 Packer t-shirts $5 and $6 (reg $15 ea)

2 pair Sesame Street Shoes $5 ea (reg $10 ea)

CARS sweatsuit outfit $4.50 (reg $13)


I spent $66 for almost $200 worth of stuff.

All the toys and clothes were an additional 20% off the lowest sticker price so I had to scan everything but it was worth it.

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The Scenera convertible car seat was down to $20 at my Kmart. As of yesterday afternoon there was still one left. It's the store in Massillon, Ohio. Most of the toys were ringing up just a little less than the sticker price.
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