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*** Forum "Spring Cleaning" Info on Changes Being Made ***


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Along with ending GottaPoints, there is some more "spring cleaning" that is underway here on the forum. Here are the changes that are being made:


* Posts in all forums will now count towards post counts. Post counts will be re-totaled to reflect this.

* The Watercooler will be merged back with the Lounge. The Kids & Parenting forum will remain separate.

* The Web Hosting & Domain Registration forum will be merged with the Technology, Computers & Gadgets forum.

* Due to lack of use, the GottaDeal-Approved Referrals forum will be deleted - referrals are still not allowed on the board.

* Due to lack of use, the Gift Finder forum will be merged with the Deal Finder forum. It may return again for the holidays.

* Minimum post and membership length requirements for posting links and sending PMs will be changed.


These should be the only major changes on the forum for the next several months (unless I get bored and want to shake things up some more :P ) and should make things more simple for both the moderators and members.


As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send me a PM. Thanks :)

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