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The sale must have just started. I was there on Tuesday & no such sale was going on.

Oh well, I promised DH to slack off on shopping after last Tuesday. I guess I'm such a frequent visitor the sales lady talks with me like I'm her good friend & I'm not. I only know her from her checking me out. While checking out the sales lady told me in the juniors department they had just put some knew mark downs on the rack on LEI & Glo jeans for $4.99 (WoW what I deal I thought) the sale lady keeps talking to me even mentioning my home state. Another customer was behind me & when I was walking away they said to me, it's nice to have a friend working here. You get all the bargains then. Well, my big mistake was telling my DH... you girls know where that led to with DH. I'm a shop aholic now.. blah, blah

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