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Anyone know a deal on Guitar Hero?


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:cheesy: This game rocks!!! It is around $69 0r $79 for the game with the guitar controller. My DH & DS have both games I and II. For the song choices game I is better, but game II has lots more features that make it interesting. Like you can play 2 player and one person can play bass and the other lead guitar, you can get encores, etc. We highly recommend this game for anyone who loves music, and its fun for the whole family. Also, we hear that they are working on more games that will be geared towards different genre's of music (like country, heavy metal, classic rock, etc.)
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$80, yup thats about right in indiana too....lol

Do yourself a favor though and buy a 2ND GUITAR CONTROLLER!!!!!

Youre gonna need it, otherwise you might find any subsequent kids nagging you or you child bugging you because your spouse/SO wont quit hogging it...

:D but maybe thats just at our house?

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THEBOYZMOM-- Just a thought...We know a few people who have bought the wireless controllers and have had nothing but problems with them. I do know that the maker of Guitar Hero (Red Octane) make a wireless controller, as well as some other companies. I am not sure if the problems were only with off-brand controllers or included the Red Octane ones too. You may want to check with anyone that you know who may have a wireless controller to see if they have had problems.

:gdrockf: ROCK ON!!!

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