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Downloading MP3s

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www.garageband.com -- free MP3s from up-and-coming unsigned bands, the site is sponsored by Cingular and is completely legit! I guarantee you'll be surprised by the quality of unsigned talent out there.


You can get the hits from tomorrow's stars for FREE! http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b399/Marcster2005/Smileypad/Yes/Clap-Hands.gif

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Thanks for the replies so far. Does anyone else know of other sites? Thanks so much!

Fisher has a around 10 free tracks. www.fishertheband.com


She sang that song for the Toyota "rolling wheel" series of commercials, and she's been on a few movie soundtracks. I have two of her CDs -- great vocalist -- Adult Alternative music.

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Where/What is the best deal for downloading MP3 legally (in the US)? Thanks so much.


I have a Sansa e260 MP3 Player. I got a slip inside the box that said I can download 50 free music downloads A credit card is needed to download the 50 free songs.


The email is www.emusic.com/usb Check it out


I have not yet done so..

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Well it kind of depends on what kind of MP3 player you have. If you have an iPod you have to be careful that you don't sign up for something that won't play the music you buy on your iPod.


I'm not sure about what types of files will play on other MP3 players since i have an iPod but i have come across lots of different music stores and plans that i can think of right now.


There is Rhapsody, you pay i think the starting price is $9.99 a month and get unlimited downloads. I had the free trial of this and had to cancel when i realized the songs weren't going to play on my iPod.


There's eMusic, which is another plan that you pay for monthly. It starts at $9.99 a month for 30 songs per month, plus it says it will work with an iPod or any other MP3 player. Plus, they give you a free trial and 25 free songs that you can keep even if you decide to cancel after the free trial. That one seems pretty good and they have current and popular music as well as older stuff.


Then there's Yahoo! Music Unlimited To Go. It says it's like 12 bucks a month, but they bill you in one chunk that adds up to a little over 140 bucks, or you can pay 15 bucks for month to month service. It doesn't work with iPods but says it works with lots of other MP3 players.


Plus if you want to look for free MP3 downloads, i love Download.com, it has tons of artists, both established and up and coming with legal, free MP3 downloads, and then i like Purevolume.com as well, but that one is more rock, punk-pop, and that sort of thing. Also try looking for the Myspace (even though i loathe Myspace lol) of a band you like, sometimes they give away free tracks to download. Good luck finding something that fits what you need.

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