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Visco 32" Widescreen LCD HDTV from Walmart - any thoughts?

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I'm considering purchasing this TV from Wal-Mart.


Only thing I am concerned about is sound quality. I have noticed on the Visco main website, the forum they have there, some people have complained that their sound has completely malfunctioned (AKA - after a few weeks, they no longer get any sound from the TV). Anyone who purchased this TV experienced this?


I've been researching LCD HDTVs for the last week, and so far this is the one I think I want to buy. I believe Walmart has a decent exchange policy, so I'm not too terribly worried, but I'd rather not buy a TV and have to cart it back to the store after a few weeks if I can avoid it.


Those of you who have this TV, any complaints, advice or suggestions in regards to sound (or other issues)?


Seems like a great deal otherwise. I know the sound quality does not seem to be its best feature, but Wal-Mart has a $40 surround sound system that I'm hoping I can purchase along with it to help supplement that.


Any advice?


Thanks in advance for the great info and tips, this site is awesome!

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I bought the Walmart Visco 32" LCD TV online at Walmart. I have had it for about 4 days. It is just an okay TV - but the sound is SO BAD I am taking it back to Walmart today.

But I did buy the 32 Olevia LCD TV today from Kmart for $499 (and got a $15 goft certificate).

Everything about this OleviaTV is so much better than the Walmart Visco, the picture, the sound, you can even update the software direct from the Olevia website, - and it is about $100 cheaper.:)

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