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Yankee candle sale $10 22oz

TAJ mommy

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  • 2 weeks later...

Not sure if this will work all the timebut it worked for me on Tuesday.

Last Sunday I bought 2 of the $10 candles, I couldn't smell, so I went on the advice of the clerk. I wanted them for work. The next day when I could smell I didn't like them, they were Sparkeling Angel. The President's Birthday sell was thru Monday.


I took them back (no burnt) on Tuesday and asked if I could exchange the 2 for 2 others that were on sale. SHE LET ME EXCHANGE THEM FOR ANYTHING I WANTED!!!! I was willing to settle for 2 that had been $10. She said I'll just pretend that I didn't see this recipt and you can pick whatever you want. She was very helpfull in helping me find something for work. I still couldn't smell, I get in there and all the smells over welm my nose.

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