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U-Haul Coupons

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I don't know of any coupons.


I just (literally right before I read this post) made a reservation with U-Haul for Sat the 17th.


I have used them half a dozen times and never had a problem. The last one I did totally online. I placed my order about 3 weeks in advance because I needed a one way rental. They called me the next day to confirm my reservation. I also requested to use two of their movers (mine happened to also be set up to pack, load and even drive for you www.emove.com has people to help if you need help loading).


Anyhow, they called the day before the move to confirm and also ask me if I minded a larger truck. I had reserved one of the mid sized ones, but they had a larger one that needed to go to Savannah, GA. I did not have to pay anymore, but I am so glad I got the larger truck because everything would not have fit otherwise.


I had absolutely no problems.


However, when I placed my reservation today I was told that they are doing maintenance on the uhaul website and that it is giving a little bit of trouble, so I would say be sure to call your local u-haul provider to make a reservation rather than doing it on the web for now.


Also, be sure to confirm the level of gas in the tank and make sure to return it with exactly that much gas because they have rules about this and charge you for the gas and a large fee on top of that.


They have nice appliance dollies for rent for $10 if you need one (regular dollies are $7, but I like the appliance one for 3 bucks more).


Make your reservation right away, they are usually all booked up on weekends.

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