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Rebate question

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Question about rebates in general: When the form says one per address and one request per envelope ... has anyone mailed a couple small non-postage envelopes w/ rebates for different homes within one stamped envelope? I just posted a FRESH EXPRESS form to get a free pedometer, and since I eat lots of salad, plan to send out some to family members at other addresses. Just thinking about saving the 39 cent stamp. There's no email to site to ask questions on the rebate form.
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Don't do it.


I have received the rebates from Menards when I combined more than 1 rebate inside 1 envelope. I decided to try it one time on 3 rebates each worth $1....The reason I tried was whenever I got their rebate check(which is actually a merchandise credit check to be used on a future purchase) they send every rebate you sent in on 1 rebate check.

I do that every time now on their rebates, but that being said, I still would not risk it on some other company refusing to fulfill your rebate request.

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