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>>> Back by popular demand, SIGNATURES! (with new rules, please read) <<<


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We have decided to once again allow signatures here on the forum. However, there are some changes that you need to be aware of. These changes have been made in an effort to reduce the amount of time and effort required by the admins and mods to moderate the signatures.


1. Members must have 5 posts and have been a member for at least one week to use signatures. Neffing to reach this number of posts will result in your posts being deleted.


2. Signatures will be disabled in the fall once again when the Black Friday site and forums open.


3. Images are not allowed in signatures.


4. Smilies are going to be allowed, however excessive use will not be tolerated (so don't put 100 dancing bananas in your signature).


5. Links or web addresses are not allowed in signatures.


6. There is a maximum of 4 lines of text for all signatures.


7. You may change the color, alignment or font style for the text, as well as add bold, italics or underlined text.


8. Font size cannot be changed.


9. Signatures are for personal use and cannot be used to post referrals of any kind, promote a business, or any other activity that is not otherwise allowed on the board per forum rules.


10. No political-related signatures are allowed.


11. The admins and mods reserve the right to change these guidelines or disable signatures at anytime as deemed necessary.


12. Members who violate these rules will have their signatures disabled permanently.


13. Please report any signature that you see which violates any of these rules.


If you have any questions about the new signature policy, please reply to this thread, or contact one of the admins or mods. These are just the rules for signatures - to see the complete list of forum rules, click here.

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Unfortunately that is not possible as we have disabled all linking which includes links to places here on the forum including member pages. We had to do that to stop the spammers from doing it.


You can, however, tell people in your sig to visit your member page, just not with an actual link.

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