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Hancock fabric?

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I placed my order and got a confirmation the next day on the 16 I then received a shipping email that told me my order shipped on the 22 This was the first time I had ordered with them. I have listed the beginning of the confirmation email that they sent it included my confirmation number and my entire order perhaps you should call them and make sure the order was processed.



Thank you for placing an order with Hancock Fabrics!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Customer

Service Department at 877-FABRICS (877-322-7427), or email us at [email protected].


Your order confirmation is below, and thank you again for your business.




Hancock Fabrics

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Still haven't received it. E-mailed customer service and was told the order would ship by the 31st, still haven't received shipping notification :( e-mailed them again yesterday, too bad they've lost a customer at this point. i'm waiting on that shipment so I can finish up a baby gift!
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