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Gearxsmall is it a scam?


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I recently found this website with "too good to be true" prices on several items. There are several indications this site is a scam, but it does accept credit cards. I was just wondering if anyone knew for sure.



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I am refering to website: gearxsmall.us.com; a different site than gearxsmall.com.

The former is gone; the latter seems genuine, but still worth avoiding!


The first one looks like a scam, smells like a scam, and walks like a scam!


I don't know if "Business Manager" Zack Stephens, 145 5th Ave, NY, NY 10151 is on his way up to Sing Sing (i.e., up the river), yet; but at least this website is no longer around.


Maybe someone can drop-by and knock on his door and get some further info!

I would not wait for a return Email, though.


(The above address is where he wanted me to "wire money"!) I got this info by using a phony SSN and agreeing to pay by check.

I immediatly got an order acknowledgement with a sob story about "problems with the bank processor and merchant account".


I sent out several reports, and poof, the website is gone!


Just Be VERY Alert!


o Never even respond when a website asks for your SSN (for security reasons). They cannot check the number you might give, anyhow; so how can they be interested in protecting their security?


o Never send financial info, like a credit card # over a non-secure link (i.e., not https )


o Never even give your credit card # before you see a personalized invoice for the TOTAL COST.


Scarry, though; this was a pretty slick looking website!

I think even the BBB Logo with a personalized "Reliability Profile" was bogus!

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