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Wii Owners: Nintendo Power 1 Year Subscription (12 Issues) - $3.99 @ BestDealMags


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Well now I really hope I get a Wii on Sunday! :D


I was so bummed when my subscription ran out last year! Their reviews aren't great, but the interviews and articles are.

Not to mention the freebies they send you periodically in the magazine!

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Guest cmars1010
If you can find another magazine for the same price or cheaper, you can use DEALB1G1 for a free mag subscription up to 12.99 with one purchased (buy one get one free)
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Is this a reputable place? Anyone ever used them before?

I used them last year to sign up for Nintendo Power and I just RENEWED my subscription too!


No problems whatsoever but it does take a long time before you get your first issue - last year I signed up in January and got my first issue in July.

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I got my first issue this week too, and I plan to use this site to renew my subscription when it comes time. I'm very happy with my purchase.



I had tried to use that VALUE18 coupon code when I first placed my order but it didn't accept it, and I couldn't go back to enter the 15% off code either. I had to pay full price for the magazine, which was only $4 something. Use caution with the 18% off code!

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