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62" Toshiba DLP HDTV @ Tigerdirect.com $1899 w/ free shipping


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I cannot post a link, but these TVs are an awesome deal for those who are looking to buy a new TV for the Playoffs and Superbowl. I bought one of these last week and received it today and it is really a nice TV.


Go to Tigerdirect.com and look for the

Toshiba 62HM196 62" 1920x1080p / HDMI / CableCard Slot / HD DLP TV - FREE Shipping

Here is the Item#T24-6202



I just wanted to pass on a great deal since I get them from here all the time!



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DLP projection sets are superior when it comes to fast action scenes and sports, no blur like with LCD and to a lesser extent plasma. The hype on LCD and Plasma has sucked many people into thinkin that rear projection DLP sets are inferior, the biggest advantage is viewing angle as PLasma and LCD can be viewed from the side and above and below the set, where as with projection sets you pretty much need to be straight on and eye level. but the DLP hiDef picture rocks. Depends on your room and set-up for your needs. And that is a great price for a 62" set.
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The price is very good for a 62" DLP. DLP sets are in no way inferior to LCDs. In fact, their overall picture quality is better than flat panel LCDs, and very comparable to a plasma. Plasma displays will give you better "blacks", but color accuracy is very close between DLP and plasma. Just go into your local Best Buy and Circuit City and ask.


Great price for a very nice TV.

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