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Problem w/ Snapfish Shipping using McDonald codes

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I just tried to order some pics from Snapfish using the McDonald Monopoly codes. This is only the 2nd time since the game ended that I ordered pics. I had no trouble with the codes the first time.


I typed in the codes and it says this after I added all my pics together.



128 Credit 4x6 print(s) -15.36

128 Credit Print(s) standard shipping 0.00


I clicked on checkout and it's telling me that it will cost $7.36 for shipping and wants my credit card info. It's been awhile since I ordered the 1st set of pics but I don't remember having to give any credit card info.


The only option of free shipping is to pickup at Walgreens. When I tried to do that, it wanted to charge me almost $25 for me pics.


Has anyone else had any trouble ordering pics lately?

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I've tried to order these pics for 3 days now. I tried again and it let me order them this time with the free shipping. I guess the site has been having trouble for a few days now. This is the 1st day that I received a System Error message.
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