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Need someone to do a screen capture or an ad scan please.


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I'm trying to print out Target's ad for this week that lists the X-Box 360 controller for $44.99.

They're all sold out at Target and I want to price match the ad at Wal-Mart. Target's ad page is all in flash and I don't know how to print it or get it to come out legible (it's so super tiny). Someone please help me get something "real looking" to print out :crossfing

Here's the page, if it doesn't take you directly there then go to the ad and it's on the second page.





Or better yet, a scan of the add would work! :)


Hmm, I came up with a small solution. It's still not readable, but I printed out the actual item for reference, iit says Target weekly ad on the top, so maybe it'll work. I'll let ya'll know if I still need help tomorrow.

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