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Leapster L-max $35.00


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Thanks anyway agusia. I was so excited...I wanted $30 back for the bundle. I don't even know how much it would be at my Walmart. I called one 20 minutes further away and they said they had it for 39. When my husband got there on his way home there were none. But the service is so bad at Walmart, who knows. Maybe she never did have it. I made her scan it to tell me the price and she told me 39. That Walmart had the bundle for 59 instead of 56 so I figured it would be a few dollars more that 35 anyway. I was so frustrated. Could really use 30 back on my credit card. I spent so much this Christmas. Once I started, I couldn't stop :cheesy:
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Sorry about that. I was watching the bundle for a while and it went from $59 to $54 to $42 and then two days ago to $32 so I went today with my $30 G.C and the price on the bundle went up to $34.99 but the L-max was going down also from $72 to $50 two days ago so I decided to check the L-max and it came up $35 so I got it on the spot. They had about 6 of the L-max and only 1 bundle left.
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