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My Apple.com experience

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I had ordered a refurb 1gb nano and received it today. However, when I opened the outside box, and went to open the actual nano box, I noticed the seal was broken. I thought that was weird, but opened it. The nano was GONE. The installation cd and book was there, however no nano. Talk about being sick. This was my son's Christmas gift. I just started crying. $95 gone. I decided to call apple and told them what had happened. They are replacing it with a 2 gb nano and are over-nighting it so I should have it no later than Friday. I could not believe they did this and I just started crying again. The lady told me unfortunately it happens a lot this time of year. She said it was possible it left the warehouse that way, or someone from FedEx could have stolen it. How can someone have the nerve to do that. They are just disappointing kids everywhere. I couldn't thank the people at Apple enough. Hopefully nothing will happen with this next order.
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