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Sand for a sandbox


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Well, its size being a turtle = buy by the bag i.e.: "Play Sand" which is at most major stores (WM/L's/HD). Just in case.... When building a 10'x14' sand box, lining with tar paper & other various sundries, if you think 'by the bag will fill up, sure=$$$$. THEN you buy by the truckload, which is really easy, you pay for the sand (2 tons) and you pay for the truck/driver. The two other considerations will be:1) Travel in and around your yard (ruts, avoiding leach field/septic systems, etc....), and; 2) The sand better be close by, cause you are going to spend alot of time shoveling!!! I finally tore ours down after 10+ years and the sand came in handy for several projects so no waste... but alot of shoveling again!
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I bought my son a turtle sandbox and am wondering on the best/cheapest place to buy sand.

Just a reminder to keep the lid on! If a neighborhood kitty decides to use the sandbox as a catbox, you'll be replacing all of that sand. It's a serious health hazard for the kids to play where an animal has pooped. Believe me, it's no fun dumping the whole thing and replacing it all. After a while I started just putting in 1 or 2 bags at a time so that it could be easily replaced. I'd rather have them play in a little less sand that's fresh.

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