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Sprint phone for existing customer!


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If you are willing to sign a new 2 year contract, look in the Sunday papers for ads from Best Buy or similar stores. I got a red razr phone for free the last week in November by watching the ad and going into Best Buy. I had a very old phone so it was great to get a cool new one without paying a cent.
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Me too! My hubby was supposed to check because we haven't had new phones in over 18 months (I think that's the deal) but I don't think he got around to it. I don't think the deals are as good for us as for new customers.

It's 24 months now, and you get I think $75 (1 yr commitment) or $150 (2 yr commitment) off the new phone.


I always just bought Sprint phones off of ebay. I used to change phones about every 6 months or so that way.


I have this one right now:




It's an ok phone. It's Ready-Link enabled, and has cute display options and ringer options.

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