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Trade for JC Penney $10 off 10 or Fandango


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Hi! I'd like to trade for the $10 off of $10 JC Penney coupons that came in the mail recently. I'd also like to trade for unused Fandango codes or Staples In Store Reward coupons. The fandango codes from Johnnie Walker that emails said expired on Dec. 7. 2006 are really still good and I'll trade for those too.

I have several free coupons and free with rebate coupons to trade. They are:

Free Glade Lightshow rebate up to $13. (have several)

Lassie Naturals Free Dog Food (one)

Free chocolate. (In certain states)

Miller Beer rebates up to $15.

Various liquor rebates up to $25.

And many other rebates for free items.

Please PM me if interested. Thanks a bunch!

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Got any CVS prescription transfer for giftcard coupons? I could use one, and would trade you one JCpenney $10 off $10 for one of these ;-) CVS coupons must be usable in Indiana or nationwide. Thanks!! ;)

Unfortunately not, We don't have a CVS in our town and never thought about picking one up in another. I do have Rite Aid $20 coupon for a gift card. Will CVS take those? It expires 12-31-06. (Not valid in NY or NJ only under 60 yrs-who ever heard of that?) I also have lots of coupons for free stuff with rebates. Thanks!

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