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Need Air Soft Gun

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What's your budget and what style are you looking for? Pistol, rifle, shotgun...


Hobbytron has some good prices on them, and has the whole spectrum of entry level to advanced.


Coupon code "SAVE3D" saves you 3% at Hobbytron. I believe there are "click-though" coupons out there for free shipping, as well.

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Try the sporting goods department at Walmart. They have the guns, accessories and targets that catch the ever multiplying pellets.


Also - keep in mind how they are powered. Batteries, green gas etc. The green gas is expensive around here at $13.99 per can. Doesn't last long with the little darlings.


The wonders of "toys" is not just getting an inexpensive one, but one that does not require expenisve maintenance items

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