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Hi I Have A Deal Finding Question?

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Can we help other people out on here as far as if our local store has an item that we just saw, picking it up and just having them pay what it cost at the store. Even if somebody changes their mind the other person could just return it.

Just wondering, I feel bad when somebody is looking for something and I know our local Walmart has one. Like I know ours has Tough Kids Cameras and Digi-makeovers. I hate that somebody has to go to crazy lengths to get something when I have sitting a few miles away.



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A GD'er here was nice enough to do that exact thing for me (for the FP camera) but it was all done through pm's not in a thread. Also, she offered...I didn't ask her.


I'd say if you are willing to do that, great. I wouldn't start a thread about it or anything though...you may start getting all kinds of requests. If you see someone really needing something you might also want to go back and read more of their posts, just to make sure they are reputable.



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I was contacted last year by another GD'er who knew her local store had tons of (4 or 5) Doodle Monsters when the only ones available anywhere else were $50+ on e-bay. She offered to buy it and send it to me and my son was so excited Christmas morning to find that SANTA could find a gift that he knew mommy had looked everywhere for and not found.


It does take a leap of faith that the person will pay but most of the gd'ers here are great people.

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