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Is anybody loving the overstock 12 days?

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The first day was OK but the site crashed. Reoffered the DVD @ 7pm but by then alot of people had ordered it elsewhere.

2nd Day Don't know alot about guitars but everything I read said that fender was bottom shelf.

Now today I do know alot about watches and this thing is a piece of junk. First it's a Seiko:yuck: second it has a crappy movement 3rd the band is plain. Does have a deployment clasp but that all I can see going for this thing. Anybody happy with their deals so far?

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I tried ordering the POTC: DMC DVD on tuesday. Since it was supposed to begin at Noon EST, I added the DVD to my cart before that and went to work on laundry. Came back a little before Noon EST (11:00 AM my time) and tried to order. Kept getting the "oh no" shopping error page. Turns out they were updating the site. I tried later and it said the DVD was sold out. I was upset. Then I checked my email later and the email I get deals for Overstock sent to had an email saying "the deal will start over at 7:00 EST" and of course they were sold out this time for real by the time I saw that email.


Not very impressed.

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