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CD players

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This is very interesting. If you go online to Office Depoot and type in CD player in the search, you will see a list of items available. If you add a 148 to the number, the price goes down. Example:

Portable CD Player (Item # 477769) It comes up as $29.99

If you add 148477769 it comes up as only $4.25.......:eek: I have no idea why, I read this on another site. It doesn't work on all items, but it worked for the CD player! Good luck and let us know.....I think I will play around awhile.....:yup:

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Holy crap! I can't believe that worked! I just got 3 and my co-worker got 2. Says they're being shipped today and should be here tomorrow.


THANK YOU SO MUUUUCCH for telling us about that! This is incredible!! I have 2 (of 5) kids I've "adopted" for xmas (from 1079thelink . com) that asked for cd players and now I can be assured they'll get that, in addition to their other toys.


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


P.S. This is the one I got to work: 477769


I also got the price to change on this one: 851304


From $29.04 to $19.36


And this one: 355232 $69.99 down to $19.34


Mini digital camera: Sku: 431604 Regular $ 29.99 (with 148 -) $10.75


3 in 1 digital camera/webcam: sku: 743592 Normally: $12.45 (w/148) $6.23


It seems like the only items on their site that work with the 148 code are non-name brand items, maybe items that they use for promotions through-out the year. I believe people get the discontinued message based upon their geographic location.. whether or not their local store/stockroom has them on site.

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Got it to work but I have no clue who I would give it to if I purchased it...lol I'm out of people to buy for!


What about searching for a local charity that's organizing xmas gifts for underprivlidged kids? I know two of our local radio stations are doing that.. You could also check with the Salvation Army.. They usually do something like that.

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