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The bike from the amazon vote is on sale! *20.00 price drop since posted *


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It's 99.00 but you get an automatic 10.00 off making it 89.00 with free shipping.


You can also apply for the amazon card and get an additional 30.00 off it, making your total 59.00!


They credit the 30.00 on your first billing statement.

How are you getting the automatic $10 off? Mine shows 99 in the cart.



Edit: Nevermind, I see the $10 applied at Checkout.

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Do remember every time that you apply for these store credit cards, it affects your credit score negatively (they have a lower standing than regular bank credit cards on your score)...plus, you don't want your credit record full of all these opened and then cancelled cards...that will lower your score too...not worth the 10% even if you do cancel it.
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