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Yankee Candle Reed Diffuser??


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What exactly do these do??

I saw an add the other day that Pier one had the reeds for $9. Have no idea if this is good or bad

You place the reeds in the bottle with the fragrance, and the scent is absorbed and released through the reeds. Giving off the scent without having lit candles. I saw them at the Yankee Candle Store last night, but they didn't have a scent that I liked.


Edit to add: Here's a link for the first one I could find to show a pic of one.




The natural reeds absorb the fragrance from a glass apothecary bottle to diffuse it throughout the room, invigorating your home with the scent of refreshing lilac.

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I just came from Pier one and they had some of these for $10 Reg 15 I bought 4 of Pear something total with tax for $41. right now they have a coupon for 20% off


These were bigger bottles of oil than the $12 ones

It says that the oil last for about 3 months. I called Yankee Candle and they said 8-9 weeks. I guess it depends on the size of the oil bottle.

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